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How to build a mini wetland

BBC Countryfile Film: Our inspiration to build a mini wetland from a drainpipe came from this fantastic video by the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust. We encourage anyone who has a drainpipe to build one of these as it provides a habitat for lots of different types of wildlife:

Wildflowers that can live in a pond

Wildflowers that can live in a bog

Fresh water Insects

Fresh water Amphibians




It's not that difficult to make and it will give you so much joy to see the animals which visit. It's amazing how quickly these animals will come to your new habitat as it is a valuable water source for them. We love seeing who has visited our mini wetland everyday: a blackbird taking a bath, a pigeon having a drink, hoverfly larvae swimming around etc. So why not have a go and build one this weekend!

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