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Wildlife to see in September - East Anglian Animals

Do you know the East Anglian names for the animals we have in this region? Below are some great names for our well-known species, that hopefully you might see this month as the birds come out of moult and the animals start to faen up ready for the winter. So grab a pen and see if you can pair up the common names with the traditional regional names. Answers at the boom:

Barn Owl Hodmedod Song Thrush Prickly pig Mistle Thrush Mavis Gold$nch Throstle Snail Jilly Ladybird King Harry Hedgehog Bishy Barnabee

Things you can do to help some of these animals this month: 1. Leave any berries and apples in your garden out for the birds and animals to eat 2. Provide a cold rocky place for snails to hide under 3. Leave some areas of long grass over winter for the ladybirds to hibernate in and seed heads for the Gold+nches to eat 4. Cut a Hedgehog hole in your fence to allow them to visit your garden and feast on snails and slugs (13cm by 13cm is ideal) 5. Water and Feed Hedgehogs with cat/dog food and provide a hedgehog house for shelter

Answers: Barn Owl – Jilly, Song Thrush – Mavis, Mistle Thrush – Throstle, Gold+nch – King Harry, Snail – Hodmedod, Ladybird – Bishy Barnabee, Hedgehog – Prickly pig

Wildlife Working Group News 1. We have been cutting back the long grass areas down now the autumn is coming. 2. We are taking part in The Sale Trail and Scarecrow Festival on Sunday 25 September with a Wildlife Trail around the village. 3. We are planning a year long campaign for Hedghogs in the village, if you would like to join in please contact us, we’d love to hear from you! E: W:

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