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Our Village Hall Committee are Great!

Our Village Hall committee have agreed for the lawn at the front of our hall to be cut once a month to maximise nectar and pollen production for our pollinators!

The Village Hall Committee have been fantastic from the start of our project: giving us land for a wildflower meadow; leaving wild areas; protecting veteran trees; allowing us to build a mini wetland, hosting wildlife workshops etc. And last month the committee agreed that the lawn at the front of the hall could be cut in a more wildlife friendly way, by cutting it once a month rather than every 3 weeks. The inspiration for this is from data produced by Plantlife:

This small extra growth doesn't mean that people cannot walk on it or use it, or that it will affect highway visibility; plants grow approximately 2 cm per week so it will be only 2 cm longer every month; but what it does mean is that it can support up to 10 times more bees and help to reverse the serious decline in our pollinators, as clover, selfheal, daisies, dandelions and hawkbits will be allowed to flower.

It's not a massive change but an important one. If every public space was managed the same we could make a massive difference to our pollinators very quickly. Why not ask the organisations where you live, who manage the public lawns, to do the same?!

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